Exploring New Age Media

Exploring New Age Media

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. The world, as we know it, is rapidly transforming and becoming increasingly digital. Media has incredible power to influence our attitudes, behaviour, and habits. It is essential to be media literate, to develop cognitive, aesthetic and moral awareness as we interact and consume mass media messages. It is with that aim that we’re educating our learners so they can adapt to the changing scenario.

We began by introducing the term media & different types of media. After a detailed discussion on the topic learners were made to evaluate individual type of media tools with various characteristics and were made to compare and contrast, leading to their assessments. For example, learners were critically made to understand different media types i.e. print media, broadcast media, internet, etc

The idea was to acquaint them that the choices of the medium and the messages conveyed influence our attitudes and opinions. Learners deep dived to understand pros and cons of media consumption. They were able to observe, analyse and evaluate different biases as well as strategies used. They understood how it influences consumer mindset.

The exploration was concluded with the objective of planting a seed of being a responsible member of the virtual society. Learners understood their rights and responsibilities while considering the pros and cons of the virtual world.

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