Fashion as a form of Expression

Fashion as a form of Expression

Fashion is personal, and it is always present in one's life. It is beyond clothing, it gives you the freedom to select how you want to present yourself to the rest of the world. Learners in grades 7 and 8 are exploring the topic 'Fashion as a form of Expression' to fully comprehend the term and evaluate its elements.

Learners were able to define ‘Fashion’ and analyze what it represents. They also discovered several socio-cultural norms that influence how people present themselves, as well as the impact these standards have on people's appearance and behavior. The learners were given chits to write about how they view fashion and what it means to them, and a mind map was drawn on the board to further represent the concept.

To have a better and deeper understanding of the theme of 'Fashion,' various articles, movies, TED talks, and posters were exhibited, and discussions were led. Learners discovered many qualities that we utilize to express ourselves in society. Learners then, were given many circumstances in which they had to identify the differences in how they behaved in each one. Fashion role plays were presented considering factors such as social and cultural, psychological, economic, environmental, and political.

Bhagyashree Mehta, a social entrepreneur on a mission to revive and preserve the traditional and cultural crafts of various parts of India, had been invited as guest speaker to deliver a session to 7th-8th graders. The expert discussed how different cultures and fashions enable people to represent themselves responsibly in society. Movie clips from Rangeela and Titanic were shown to highlight how appearance and conduct differ on the same occasions. Which describes how our perceptions and behavior of others are influenced by their appearance and look.

By the end of the explorations, learners could see how fashion goes beyond clothing and is a means of expression in one's life.