India Today, published an article written by our founder, Mohit Patel

India Today, published an article written by our founder, Mohit Patel

We are pleased to share that India Today, the leading news magazine, has featured an article written by our founder, Mohit Patel.

In his words from the article, Mohit Sir says, "Schools, teachers and parents are increasingly realising that progressive methods are critically important in ensuring positive attitudes towards learning, better social relationships, better skills in conflict resolution, and much more, all leading to much better mental health.”

He adds, "Many parents are rightly prioritising the mental and psychological well-being of children before academic success. It would also be wrong to assume that progressive learning methods and academic success are antithetical. 

In fact, progressive learning methods, because they are student centric, actually lead to better student learning outcomes. However, the goal of progressive learning methods is not academic success alone, even though that might be one of the outcomes.”

The article, titled "Why parents are increasingly embracing progressive learning methods," delves into the details of how these methods outshine the traditional ones. Mohit Sir's insights, backed by solid research, highlight how progressive learning benefits over traditional methodologies. It's a must-read for parents curious about giving their kids the best learning experience! To read more, please visit India Today.