Article in India Today by our founder - Mohit Patel

Article in India Today by our founder - Mohit Patel

Our founder, Mohit Patel, was recently invited to write an article on the lack of eco-conscious learning in our education system for India Today.

In the article, he emphasizes the disconnect between urban life and nature's vital influence on children's well-being and learning experiences. He explains, "The life of a child in the modern city is barely touched by nature and its rhythms," highlighting the adverse effects of confined school environments, excessive screen time, and the urban hustle on a child's development.

The article delves into the restorative impact of nature on kids, citing studies that reveal the positive effects of outdoor and nature-based learning on both psychological and physiological aspects. Mohit sir strongly believes in a shift towards experiential learning, stating, "Learning outdoors and in nature has subsequent positive effects on classroom learning." 

However, he acknowledges the challenges schools face in implementing such practices due to curriculum constraints and a lack of necessary skill sets among teachers. Despite these obstacles, Mohit sir encourages schools to embrace outdoor learning and underscores the importance of adapting pedagogies to integrate eco-conscious elements into the educational landscape.

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