Indigenous Games - Community Gathering

Indigenous Games - Community Gathering

At Northstar, we strive to expand the horizons of learning through approaches that transcend the boundaries of space and time.

Learners of Grade 10 presented their Community Gathering on the theme of 'Indigenous Games' last Thursday, demonstrating ancient wisdom and creativity, along with their own knowledge and skills. Their efforts led them to explore the globe and delve deep into the past, resulting in the discovery of six gems of traditional games from different origins.

Agawan Base, an outdoor team game from the Philippines, revolves around capturing bases, tagging opponents, and defending one's territory. With these features, the game helps strengthen teamwork, alertness, and agility.

From the ancient cultures of Africa, specifically Ghana, comes the strategic board game of Oware, which involves collecting, sowing, and capturing seeds from the opponent's pits. This seemingly simple game demands quick foresight as well as sharp intellect.

Hailing from the South American country of Peru, and based on an Inca legend, Sapo is a game of throwing coins into the frog’s mouth or the adjacent holes to score points, testing one's focus, grace, and deftness.

Played on a 5x5 dotted and lined board, Kei Yen, also known as Manipuri Chess, is a two-player game of careful planning, strategic moves, and coordination among the pieces.

Mū tōrere is a board game that is a legacy of the Māori people of New Zealand. Played on a board in the shape of an eight-pointed star, the game fosters fast decision-making and visual processing.

Ancient practices of the people of Australia bring us the game of Borna Jokee, in which a player dodges multiple balls thrown by opponents while remaining rooted in a fixed position. As the members of one team display quick reflexes to dodge the balls, the other team plans strategies to ensure maximum hits.

With these highly engaging game sessions during the Community Gathering, learners not only appreciated the ancient heritage of games but also experienced the true joy of learning.