Land of Senses

Land of Senses

From early infancy, children begin to use their senses to explore and make sense of their surroundings.

At Northstar, we think it's important to introduce our learners to real-world scenarios. We recently prepared “Land of Senses" as part of the unit "My Body - Senses" at the Northstar Nest campus. Our aim was to engage the learners in authentic exposure and hands-on activities related to all the different senses, including seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling touch.

Land of Senses included the following areas:

  1. Sense of Hearing: The music wall had a xylophone, drum, rattle, mouth organ, tambourine, castanets, laptop, speaker, and a clip of real-world sounds like thunder, rain, water drops, sparrows, etc.
  2. Sense of Sight: The vision wall featured kaleidoscopes for viewing numerous objects.
  3. Sense of Smell: The aromas comprised a variety of scents including perfumes, fresh flowers, fresh leaves, disinfectants (Dettol, phenyl), etc.
  4. Sense of Touch: To create a path, 12 tyres were filled with a variety of texture-enhancing materials, including loofah, synthetic grass, small stones, rough stones, leaves, sponge, water, sand, marbles, thorns, and tiny stumbling obstacles.
  5. Sense of taste: A taste land featuring flavours like "Salty," "Sweet," "Sour," "Spicy," and "Bitter" was set up on the lawn area.

For each area, one educator provided explanations and let learners explore all of the resources through their senses. The day was fun-filled with experiential learning for our little ones.