Transition from K2 to Grade 1

Transition from K2 to Grade 1

Time spent in school is an exciting and important period in a child’s life. It should first and foremost be a joyful experience! Our goal is to make your child’s years in school a pleasant and rewarding experience and to create an atmosphere where the child feels secure, accepted, understood, cared for and loved.

We are happy to invite our K2 parents for a workshop to understand the transition of kids from K2 to Grade 1. While this transition may seem like a big leap, we are here to ensure a smooth and successful shift.

During the session, we will address several aspects, a few mentioned below :

a) Guided Transitions
b) Parental Support
c) Curriculum Support

Registrations will be based on a first come, first serve basis.

The Google form will be shared on Tuesday, 20th February, 2024.To ensure your spot in the workshop, please fill out the registration form. The registrations will be closed by Friday, 23rd February, 2024 or earlier in case all seats are booked.